Curriculum at the Primary Level

No one is a born thinker, everyone learns to think.

The primary level is the concrete operation level and the child learns to deal with concepts, ideas, experiments and experiences and begins to think logically about the real world. The curriculum at this stage focuses on foundation rather than information and keeps the child away from rote learning. In continuation to the sensory motor stage the child learns to utilize deductive powers and experiment to accommodate new understanding.

It is the period of tremendous cognitive development, shaping visions, deepening concepts & competencies and acting logically on concrete experience.

Our curriculum provides the child with appropriate and challenging cognitive structure to acquire new experiences from different areas in different subjects. It aims at developing literacy, numeric, fluency, linguistic abilities, mathematical concepts, notions, operations, co–ordination of ear, eye-tongue and hand muscles, formation of good habits, social & cultural values & attitudes, understanding environment & scientific facts, creative thinking that would enable the learners to achieve satisfactory level of social, aesthetic and intellectual development

The child's own experience is the most comprehensive book at this level. Continuity of experiences promotes the ability of acting, interacting, doing things by herself/himself, reasoning and thinking. The curriculum at the primary level facilitate the children to develop and employ thinking power in commensuration with her/his growing age. The thinking process is promoted & stimulated by involving various elements of images, concepts, signs & symbols.