TCCS Teaching faculty and staff

The teachers and faculty members with strong academic and professional background are drawn from distinguished fields with specializations relevant to subjects of Social science, Science, Mathematics, Performing & visual art, Soft Skills, Public Speaking, Indian and Foreign language, Information Technology, Physical education and Sports.

These trained and experienced faculty who form an inclusive part of our teaching guild attuned to the nobility of the profession shall endeavour to engage & guide, motivate and extend their expertise to equip students with knowledge & virtues so as to make their formative years of learning a meaningful process and prepare them for higher levels of achievement.

Our official staff and utility crew are trained to be in readiness to handle, manage and dispense administrative functions effectively & efficiently. Priorities, such as, safety & security of students; maintenance of classrooms & school premises with due care for cleanliness and upkeep; facilities for transportation; administration of preliminary health care; have been consummated into the school's scheme of amenities and infrastructures.