TCCS Objectives

• To strengthen the cognitive, psycho-motor and application skills in every child.

• To understand the mind's skills & aptitude with the purpose to augment competency levels so as to achieve the desired growth & further academic potentials.

• To be free from or devoid of any social prejudices and refrain from discriminating on racial basis against any inmate.

• To remain firm on secular principles for fostering unity & brotherhood under a common roof.

• To update & impart knowledge using child-centric methodologies on the lines of chartered academic polices with competent faculty and hi-tech infrastructure so as to bring about all-round development and preparedness in every child to achieve higher dimensions in life.

• To guide students to attain a broader scheme of knowledge and be abreast of latest events & affairs both at national & international levels.

• To organize counseling sessions & motivation programmes for students so as to enable them to acquire the traits of self-reliance, righteousness, broadness of mind, universality of outlook, self-esteem and be truthful in their pursuit of knowledge and in dealing with the vicissitudes of life.

• Lay groundwork for attainment of perfection, nourish & nurture children with academic inputs and general wisdom so as to help them realize that the goal of their life is to reach the pinnacle in every aspect of life.

• To coax the minds to expand their thinking horizons in strict adherence to the spirit of global understanding and nation building. Help them build a nation that stands lofty equally at par with other advanced countries in the fields of industry, technology, science, literature and culture and make them be an instrument in the nation - building process.