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TCCS— a multifaceted concept school opens avenues for children to a wide range of enriching and holistic experiences through modern teaching- learning resources with liberal exposure to latest technologies. Equipped with high-tech infrastructure, TCCS attempts to strengthen the foundation with firm roots of intellect, values, determination and convictions. Such qualities are nurtured and developed in every child to face the world's challenges and adversities with poise and contentment and emerge unscathed as leaders of the world.

• Dedication & Determination

• Quest for knowledge

• Cultural heritage

• Honesty & integrity

• Aesthetic sense

• Compassion & Empathy

• Peace & Harmony

• Spirit of learning

• Scientific attitude

• Mutual trust

• Respect & Tolerance

• Environmental values

• Service to humanity

• Universal brotherhood

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Extensive Features of TCCS


Based on the principle of learning by doing. Help children in self-learning, self- understanding, self activity and self-expression.


Aesthetically designed school campus to enhance cheerful atmosphere for learning. Advance amenities with eco-friendly classrooms.

Sports Activities

Games & sports training programme under the strict vigilance of expert instructors considering the various stages of development.

Music Activities

Ample thrust for activities including dance & music, have been built in so that all interests & skills get due attention and augmentation.

Cultural Hub

Performing and visual art consisting of all forms for promoting aesthetic, cultural, educational & professional development.


Multimedia classroom with e-learning technology with the purview of providing practical domain for better understanding of concepts.


E-library with an extensive collection of CD’s, DVD’s, Encyclopedias & reference books to provide a highly conducive environment.

Enrichment Programme

Teaching beyond the textbooks and school boundaries- through educational tours, excursions, visits, historical place, industries, etc.


Reopening Day
  • Time for the kids to pack their bags, don their new uniforms and head back to school. Reopening of school is a key to unlock the world with the passport to knowledge and freedom.

Independence day
  • TCCS ensures that through this day students develop perseverance, dedication and commitment towards the future of India.

Tree plantation at TCCS
  • "When one plants a tree they plant themselves. Every root is an Anchor over which one rests with greateful interests and becomes sufficiently calm to feel the joy of living."

Quiz Competition
  • "Questioning is the ability to organise our thinking around what we don't know." Team TCCS works hard to help children piece ideas together getting started.

Science Exhibition
  • "Science is simply the word that we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity." Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art starts with an act of imagination.

Sports Day
  • TCCS organizes sports event to awake the sports person in every child. Before kids can play like a Pro, they must enjoy playing the game like a kid.