Admissions Open From I to X Std For The Session 2021-22.

Academic Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • World Population Day (Census Activity)

  • World Youth Skills Day (Skills Presentation)

  • Gurupurnima Celebration

  • Friendship Day Celebration (House-wise Skit Competition)

  • Independence Day Celebration

  • Rakshabandhan (Rakhi Making competition)

  • Janmashtami Celebration

  • Sanskrit Week Celebration (Shloka Competition)

  • International Literacy Day Celebration

  • Hindi Diwas Celebration

  • Gandhi Jayanti (Drawing Competition based on Life of Gandhi Ji)

  • World Habitat Day

  • National Post Office Day

  • World Students Day (Science Expo)

  • United Nations Day

  • Diwali Celebration

  • National Education Day (Mass Reading Day)

  • Children Day Celebration

  • Maths Olympiad

  • Christmas Celebration

  • National Youth Day Celebration

  • Republic Day Celebration

  • International Mother Language Celebration

  • National Science Day Quiz Competition

Past Events

  • Re-Opening Day (Life Skills Activities- Thematic
    Class Decoration)

  • World Yoga Day (Yoga Activity)

  • World Health Day (Health Check-up)

  • World Earth Day (Banners & Slogans)

  • World Environment Day
    (Join the race to make the world a better
    place - Cleanliness drive Shramdan)

  • Van-Mahotsav

Welcome to The Central County  chool

The Logo TCCS Logo

The logo enshrines the visionary rays of the heritage city of Nagpur, the central icon of our Country, reflecting all the cardinal values, cultural bondage, spiritual enlightenment and educational inheritance of highest standard, the city is known to represent. The Central County School with this armor of values dedicates its mission for fostering values based education to the learners -- Through its byline "values empowered".

Institutional precepts and foresight

Interact, stimulate and augment all academic traits, such as, values of education, competency, communication skills, scientific temper, inquisitive thinking, self-reliance etc. so as to aid intellectual and moral growth with ulterior motive to attain preparedness to conquer challenges and taste success in life. The solemn resolve of this Institution is to provide tutelage to every child through its expert human resources, technologically-aided academic environment and infrastructure available at its disposal.

The institution with its votary of trained teachers and faculty dedicates to impart and disseminate education to children with the purpose to unfold academic excellence, character building and making live competitive and worth for success. Attempts to mould the minds of children and instil in them the below qualities shall be a constant and continues endeavour institutional values, character, ethics and discipline, invent missions in life, visualization and affirmation, effective interdependence, interpersonal leadership, emphatic communication, synergy in the classroom, creative co-operation, unity in variety, unfold towards perfection, search for excellence.

T.C.C.S. Objectives

  • To Strengthen the cognitive, psycho-motor and application skills in every child.
  • To understand the mind's skills & aptitude with the purpose to augment competency levels so as to achieve the desired growth & further academic potentials.
  • To be free from or devoid of any social prejudices and refrain from discrimination on racial basis against any inmate.
  • To remain firm on secular principles for fostering unity & brotherhood under a common roof.
  • To update & impart knowledge using child-centric methodologies on the lines of chartered academic polices with competent faculty and hi-tech infra tructure so as to bring about all-round development and preparedness in every child to achieve higher dimensions in life.
  • To guide students to attain a broader scheme of knowledge and be abreast of latest events & affairs both at national & international levels.
  • To organize counseling sessions & motivation programmes for students so as to enable them to acquire the traits of self-reliance, righteousness, broadness of mind, universality of outlook, self esteem and be truthful in their pursuit of knowledge and in dealing with the vicissitudes of life.
  • Lay groundwork for attainment of perfection, nourish & nurture children with academic inputs and general wisdom so as to help them realize that the goal of their life is to reach the pinnacle in every aspect of life.
  • To coax the minds to expand their thinking horizons in strict adherence to the spirit of global understanding and nation building. Help them build a nation that stands lofty equality at par with other advanced countries in the fields of industry, technology, science, literature and culture and make them be an instrument in the nation-building process.