Admissions Open From I to X std For the session 2020-21.

Academic Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Holi Festival

  • Science day

Past Events

  • Re-opening of The Central County School

  • TCCS Celebrated Janmashtami

  • TCCS Celebrated Guru Purnima inculcating the value of respect (The Ultimate Guru)

  • TCCS Celebrated Independence Day - Reflecting "Vision 2020"

  • TCCS Celebrated "Teacher's Day"-Paying tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

  • Diwali - The festival of lights celibrated with joy and cultural blend

  • Children's day celebrated in TCCS

  • Christmas Bells ring in TCCS

  • Grand Closing of Annual Sport Day-"LAQSHYA"

  • ODE TO WONDERLAND- An edutainment programme by TCCS kids

  • Republic Day celebrated in TCCS - Defining the real meaning of constitution

Academy of Performing and Visual Arts

Cultural odyssey

Ever since the inception of mankind, different forms of art have proliferated thereby, enhancing our quality of life. The process initiated by bringing before us unique expressions of emotion, intellect and inner spirit as being absorbed with the outer world. Our Academy of Performing and Visual Arts reaffirms this legacy of cultural inheritance of the glorified past once traversed by our masters of fine art.

In this forum we perceive in balancing the artistic and cultural values with the existing techniques and creative approaches in the paradigm of fine arts. While on the odyssey of cultural cohesiveness, the school will serve and promote students in the uniqueness on the aesthetic aspects of their cultural, educational and professional development particularly in the field of their conscious intent.

On these glimpses of reflections, we have our commitment in expressing the multifaceted diversity of our country through recourse of workshop, research, and creative work.

This advent of cultural convergence helps us in developing innovative concept, designing and organizing programmes, fostering talents and building fellowship that are challenging to artistic peer groups in respect of their  performance & rendition of Art.

Structural Resources

The academy is comprehensively equipped with a variety of structural resources to cater, facilitate and promote the essence of art forms in the arena of performing and visual art. These structural resources are established within the premises inbuilt with state-of-the-art and Hi-tech gadgets and instrumentations conducive to the requirements of an artist in the inculcation ethical work habits and talent promotion.

1) Art Gallery

Artists are people with creative content and require avenues to display and demonstrate their creativity. The Art Gallery, established at TCCS with  inherent advanced feature will provide the space for those artists inclined to display their talent in various forms of art like, sculpture, painting, photography, video & performing art, craft and caricatures.
A separate space within its ambit is apportioned for the aspirants to carrying out day to day activities, practice and rehearsals.

2) Dance Court

Dance is an ethereal expression of art form that synchronizes symphony of sound with that of graceful movements of body. The choreographic image arising from musically expressive gestures in selective rhythms and that supplemented with special costumes, enhances the portrayal of various classical dance forms.

Embellished with equipages for all classical dance forms, the School's Dance Court provides a studio set up with exquisite mirrors mounted across the walls to aid children with talent for dancing in their rehearsal and practice sessions. This musical arena is designed offering a sanctified floor for variegated performance of all classical Indian traditional dance forms including

  • Bharat Natyam Khathak
  • Khathakali  
  • Odessy 
  • Mohiniattam
  • and other regional dance forms including laoni, Garbha, Chitrangandha etc.

    3) Music Studio

    The sense and talent for Music is confined as endowment to a select few. As popularly said “music is hidden inside the portals of the mind and exhibits its expression in subtle ways at an early age in children. TCCS as part of its curriculum has included specialist modes to identify, nurture and mine out such rare talents.

    Designed to offer all-round opportunities to children to explore and groom their musical inclinations. The Musical Studio at TCCS with its trinity of facilities under a single roof that includes a) Recording Studio----with inclusive features to  capture, mix and record music. b) Instrumental Music Floor----designed to accommodate musicians playing different  instruments including strings, harmonica and drums. c) Enclosures for artist intent on vocal singing, are designed in such ways as to cater to all dimensions of wants of music enthusiasts.

    The Music Studio with all inclusive features of conservatory also offers digitized library of an array of musical contents from light music, classical music, vocal and instrumental music in variety of blends to latest upbeat and feet-tapping melodies and symphonies.

    4) Photography and Dark Room 

    Photography is another area of creative interest that jogs up enthusiasm in children. To facilitate and develop this interest, TCCS in its infrastructural offering has advanced photography facilities that includes black & white colour and advanced darkrooms, a fully equipped digital imaging lab, cameras in various formats, tripods, lighting equipment and other accessories specially installed to kindle the interest of aspirant.

    5) Dramatics & Script Writing

    Dramatics is a part of Performing Art that though has very high entertainment quotient demands equally high creative-bent of mind in its aspirants. To explore, cultivate and promote such talents in the present and modern setup, facilities on a lavish scale is a prerequisite. Cater to this demand, TCCS has established a state-of-the-art theater facility at its premises with capacious stage equipped with latest gadgets, sound system, lights and beamers and other inputs along with highly advanced acoustical auditorium conducive to sooth performing artists and audience equally.

    Eminent artist and experienced dramatists and directors are engaged to be the part of the training faculty to impart training and guide the aspirants in Acting, Direction, Stage Management and Script writing.

    These trainers will actively involve the students in creation, production and staging of Indian and European plays both of classical and contemporary times. The plays enacted will be based on the works of famous Indian & English playwrights of all genres, comedy, tragedy & other social themes.

    6) Spiritual Side

    Spiritual dimension if evoked in the formative years has a life-long effect in moderating and shaping the quality of mind, thoughts and body.

    TCCS has chalked out programmes and regimen to expose children to spiritually-uplifting avenue, such as, yoga, pranayam, cultural talks and avail opportunities to capture and imbibe the essence of ancient Indian Vedas & Sanskrit expositions.