Admissions Open From I to X std For the session 2020-21.

Academic Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Holi Festival

  • Science day

Past Events

  • Re-opening of Session 2014-15 in The Central County School

  • TCCS Celebrated Janmashtami

  • TCCS Celebrated Guru Purnima inculcating the value of respect (The Ultimate Guru)

  • TCCS Celebrated Independence Day - Reflecting "Vision 2020"

  • TCCS Celebrated "Teacher's Day"-Paying tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

  • Diwali - The festival of lights celibrated with joy and cultural blend

  • Children's day celebrated in TCCS

  • Christmas Bells ring in TCCS

  • Grand Closing of Annual Sport Day-"LAQSHYA"

  • ODE TO WONDERLAND- An edutainment programme by TCCS kids

  • Republic Day celebrated in TCCS - Defining the real meaning of constitution

Levels of Learning

Primary School

Comprise sub-levels from Standard I to Standard V


Methodology : Learning through activities, using child-Centric Methodologies; Teaching / Learning to be restricted within classroom / school environment ; minimize home work.
Subjects : English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Hindi/Sanskrit/Marathi, Information Technology, Project. Indian Classic Music, Dance, Yoga shall be taught as ancillary subjects Sanskrit is taught as a Non-Examination subject.

Middle School

Comprise sub-levels from Standard VI to Standard VIII


Methodology : Learning through activities and effective learning experiences; planned classroom teaching using child centric approaches to guide the children from known to unknown concepts; theoretical approach complemented with simple practical activities.
Subjects : Languages (English, Hindi/Marathi) Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics and Social Science, Information Technology, Project. Indian Classical Music, Dance, Yoga shall, be taught as ancillary subjects Sanskrit is taught as Non-Examination subject.

Secondary School

Standard IX to X


Methodology : Learning through planned learning experiences which will include activities; Theoretical approach complemented with experiments along with I nvestigative learning approach
Subjects : Languages (English, Hindi/Marathi), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Social Sciences, Information Technology, Indian Classic Music, Dance, Yoga shall be taught as ancillary subjects Sanskrit is taught as a Non- Examination subject