Admissions Open From I to X std For the session 2020-21.

Academic Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Holi Festival

  • Science day

Past Events

  • Re-opening of Session 2014-15 in The Central County School

  • TCCS Celebrated Janmashtami

  • TCCS Celebrated Guru Purnima inculcating the value of respect (The Ultimate Guru)

  • TCCS Celebrated Independence Day - Reflecting "Vision 2020"

  • TCCS Celebrated "Teacher's Day"-Paying tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

  • Diwali - The festival of lights celibrated with joy and cultural blend

  • Children's day celebrated in TCCS

  • Christmas Bells ring in TCCS

  • Grand Closing of Annual Sport Day-"LAQSHYA"

  • ODE TO WONDERLAND- An edutainment programme by TCCS kids

  • Republic Day celebrated in TCCS - Defining the real meaning of constitution

Ithos of Institutions

Ethos of the Institution

Knowledge is supreme and attainment of knowledge is a life-long process. Seeking enlightenment of mind, refinement of thoughts and assimilation of values through education is a mission in itself. Inscribed with such ideals, TCCS' endeavour is to be the ultimate source of dispensation of knowledge.

Embracing this mission to impart quality service to the society and adopting educational services as modus operandi, TCCS has set clear objectives to make itself deserve the appellation --- TEMPLE of KNOWLEDGE.


The TCCS has a broad vision to nourish the minds of children and through the medium of education encourages physical, intellectual and moral development in them. Instill values to foster confidence.,creativity, soft skills to communicate with an attitude of grace, gratitude and motivation to different breeds of peple and layers of society irresptective of class, creed & religion with the spirit of tolerance, secular outlook and universal brotherhood with ultimate objective to propagate the sense of Vasundhaiva Kutumbakam " The whole world is one single family"..


Our Mission is to empower the learners to render a yeoman service to humanity and encourage them to realize their physical, intellectual, & spiritual potential, Enhance competency levels & expand every learner's thinking horizon and introduce versatility into their personalities.

As explicitly stated in the adage "No qualified person is fully educated and all educated persons need not be qualified". TCCS' goal is to promote the sense of being educated and not merely qualified.

Attitude building, value-added education, personality enhancement and academic excellence are the unique features that TCCS will strive to achieve in children while earnestly navigating & leading them towards the destined path of success.