Admissions Open From I to X std For the session .

Academic Calendar

Upcoming Events

  • Holi Festival

  • Science day

Past Events

  • Re-opening of Session 2014-15 in The Central County School

  • TCCS Celebrated Janmashtami

  • TCCS Celebrated Guru Purnima inculcating the value of respect (The Ultimate Guru)

  • TCCS Celebrated Independence Day - Reflecting "Vision 2020"

  • TCCS Celebrated "Teacher's Day"-Paying tribute to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

  • Diwali - The festival of lights celibrated with joy and cultural blend

  • Children's day celebrated in TCCS

  • Christmas Bells ring in TCCS

  • Grand Closing of Annual Sport Day-"LAQSHYA"

  • ODE TO WONDERLAND- An edutainment programme by TCCS kids

  • Republic Day celebrated in TCCS - Defining the real meaning of constitution

1) Language Lab

language lab The language lab, a popular technical innovation and a device for self-learning language is facilitated with equipment for audio-visual demonstrations especially in aspects concerning the native speaker's intonation, accent and correct pronunciation and is conceptualized to provide the necessary aid to the learner to overcome language deficiencies and gain mastery over the phrases and idioms commonly used in the language. Provisions for oral and auditoria experiences have also been factored in to the practical sessions.

The language lab has three sections -- Hearing Booth, Advisor's Console and Control Room. Hearing booth has 20 terminals linked with the console section with intercom switches for tow ways communication and control room has all the tapes, records, CD's, DVD's and other requisite equipment that properly index the stages of languages growth.

2) The Science Laboratory

Science lab The Science laboratories at T.C.C.S. with their modern and sophisticated facilities are designed with a purpose to facilitate children perform science experiments so as to derive meaningful and interesting learning experiences that would complement the concepts taught in the theoretical session. Students are enabled to know the facts, laws and truthfulness of different branches of science by applying varied lab resources, i.e, instruments, articles, apparatus, models etc. and are encouraged to perform experiments & research of their choice in free environment under the guidance of expert teachers.

3) Math's Lab

Science lab Equipped with profound teaching materials specified to the requirements of learners at varied levels for contextual and conceptual learning of mathematical concepts, the lab is geared to make the learning of math a pleasant experience.

4) Computer Lab

Science lab The State-of-the-art computer lab with a wide network of system and application software have been installed with a purpose to create a conducive training, learning and functioning centre for computer literacy.

Arrangements have been made with external experts for imparting software & hardware training to the children and to familiarize them with the latest trends and developments. Wide range of facilities to explore their subjects and expand information base using the internet, have been integrated as supplementary tool for effective learning and for conceptualizing the expert system as a part of Artificial Intelligence.

The paraphernalia of our computer lab is equipped with Hi-tech infrastructure consisting hardware & software system like, Wi-Fi connection round the clock, multimedia system, LCD-Monitors, DVD ROMs drives, head-phones, collection of educational software's in multiple subjects and all modern systems that would be essential for imparting training to children of different age groups.

5) Educational Psychology Lab

Science lab Educational psychology lab setup is aimed at conduction studies in respect of problems, deficiencies and behavior related to learning, memory, attention, interests, impulses, perception, assessment of IQ and EQ and detect slow learners, average learners and fitted students by applying varied psychological tests, methods, and experiments. Socio-cultural environment background of a child has a definitive pattern of influence on his/her behavior. The expert psychologists and counselors, on detection of behavioral aberrations shall employ physical checkup, case history, study of socio-cultural environment and relationship among teachers, parents, family, friends & neighbors of the child, to correct any seeming deficiency.

On the basis of the suggestion of the counselor the school would implement remedial recourse in the form of altered education at methodologies and vocational guidance programme according to the individual capabilities of the students especially slow learner and in the case of gifted students, special provisions for organizing enrichment programme would be taken up and pursued.

6) Medical Centre and Rest Room

Science lab The TCCS has an in house Medical centre with partitioned into examination room, rest room and first-aid area and medicine compartment, where the professional pediatrician, physician, physiotherapist, dietician and qualified nursing staff render services and care to children .

Arrangements for quarterly medical check-ups to detect health deficiencies and tender proper counseling for further treatment and maintenance of medical records of children have been put in place for effectuation.

7) Diet Plan

Science lab Diet is one of the most significant factors in building and maintaining good health. We are what we eat. The food we eat has immediate as well as long term effect on us at all the three levels---the mind, the spirit and the body.

To imbibe the value of balanced diet from the early school age, TCCS promotes "Satvik Food" through school’s diet chart recommended by professional dieticians.

8) Books Locker

Science labEvery Student is provided with a book locker facility in the classroom to avoid the burden of carrying books to school from home and back. This also sensitizes the children with aspects of safety, security and upkeep of their belongings.